Achieving #ZeroHunger in Schools: The School Farms Program’s Approach.

The Author: Alfred Godwin Adjabeng, School Farms 

School Farms  is a rural community-based school feeding support program that empowers local community schools to grow their own food whilst creating a space to help students gain practical skills, explore opportunities in Agriculture, reduce the feeding budget of the schools we work with and increase the nutritional value of food served to students.

President Ghana.jpgI am Alfred Godwin Adjabeng, a hunger fighter in Ghanaian schools. Some 18 years ago, I was in the Primary School in an underserved community in Ghana. The experience I had while growing up inspired the work I do today.

Back in school, I had a friend called Ntumy Raymond who was gifted in the arts and crafts. He does it passionately and creatively. Raymond comes from a poor family and can barely secure his daily meals; lunch at school almost always eluded him.

Raymond aspired to be an engineer in future. I often shared my school meal with Raymond and when I am absent from school he is barely left with the hope of a secured meal. Raymond was often caught absentminded in class and most times with his head on the table. He is just hungry, nothing apart from that. He later dropped out of school to support his family get daily bread. What if Raymond could be afforded the opportunity to grow in a healthy school environment with a hope of a secured school meal?

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“Why so many Investments, but little Impact” –Lessons from Northern Regions of Ghana

 IMG_7177Young People shared their views

There has been growing concerns about the dilapidated state of the three Northern regions of Ghana despite the “pour” of many grants, financial assistance and technical know-how to mitigate the socio-economic challenges experienced in these regions. The three Northern regions of Ghana are Upper East, Upper West and Northern Region.

I have a sincere passion for civic engagement and community development but for once frightened by the ongoing debate about the fact that ” the three Northern regions of Ghana would always remain the same irrespective of the socio-economic interventions”.

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#“Charcoal Project” made Impact in my School.

“Simple ideas solve complex problems in #social entrepreneurship”

Change is Important
Change is Important

Back in Bishop Herman College (2009), we had a urinal that was located between the Science Block and a Staff Bungalow. As the General Infirmarian back then, I was always been queried by our teachers who came to teach and by my very good friend, Mr. Jesse, who had his bungalow close to the urinal.

The stench that came out of the urinal no matter the number of times we scrubbed was unbearable. I was always working towards getting an idea that would temporally solve the problem before the permanent relocation of the urinal since it was dated to be relocated some months away.

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